60 hours/month
(part-time EA)

Extra hours: $15/hr

EA training: Included

Delegation training: Included



160 hours/month
(full-time, dedicated EA)

Extra hours: $15/hr

EA training: Included

Delegation training: Included

Unlimited Delegation


24/7 availability (multiple EAs working round-the-clock)

Extra hours: Unlimited; 3 full-time EAs

EA training: Included

Delegation training: Included

In-Person EA


(For comparison only)

Available normal US hours and you pay even when your EA isn't busy

Extra hours: NA

EA training: NA

Delegation training: NA


The Fine Print

Dedicated EA: On all plans, the Executive Assistant we recruit and train for you will do virtual work exclusively with you. We believe the only way to build a powerful, long-term EA partnership is to have an EA who thinks about you alone. So while we offer a starter plan our goal is for all clients to increase how much they leverage their EA more and more over time.

Choosing Your Plan: Not sure which plan is best for you? No problem. You can change your plan at any time, and we'll proactively suggest a different plan if you can be saving money.

Working Hours: We'll find an EA who works whatever hours are best for you, whether that means working while you sleep or working the same hours as you. There is a modest fee for certain shifts.

Off Platform: You are allowed to take an EA off the platform for a fee of $25k (a portion of this fee goes to reward your EA). If a client attempts to hire or pay an EA outside the platform, there will be a $25k penalty.

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