About Athena

Hi, this is Jonathan. I'm the Founder/Chairman of Athena. Over the last decade, I helped build Thumbtack from an idea into a team of more than 1,000 people and $1B in marketplace volume.

Having been through every stage of a startup, I can tell you that the people who appear most successful are the ones best at leveraging the talents of an extraordinary team.

Athena is yours.

My secret weapon growing Thumbtack was developing a deep partnership with Marni, my Philippines-based Executive Assistant. Marni doesn't just save me time; she gives me massive leverage. She helps me recruit talent, she manages my inbox, she helps me build deeper relationships with my friends, she helps me hit my work and personal goals. In short, my EA helps me win – both work and life.

Why Athena?

Athena is a decade’s worth of learning on how to delegate for 10x leverage. We offer:

1) Recruiting: We run a search process personalized to your exact needs. We find people with raw potential rather than people who simply have experience. We source EAs who are excited to build a decade+ relationship, and we only want clients who are equally long-term focused.

2) Training: Your EA will be trained by Marni and her team of EAs and will work exclusively for you so s/he will be dedicated to understanding you and no one else. My EA and I've been working together for almost a decade. Every month the relationship gets more powerful.

3) Delegating: Many people can't even imagine all the things you can accomplish with a Philippines-based EA. We already have. We'll share delegation playbooks that I've honed over the last decade to train you to work better, live better, and be better.

Want all your contacts organized and updated? We have a playbook for that. Wish you could finish a day of meetings and find your inbox organized and email responses pre-drafted? Ditto. Want to send gifts to your friends on their birthdays, get custom bios of everyone you meet with, never book a flight or fill out a form online again, organize entrepreneur dinners wherever you travel, hit more of your professional goals, have more time for your life? You get the point.

Many people buy clothes or cars or carats but the most successful people buy time. The highest performers continually invest in increasing their productivity. If you don't have an assistant, you are the assistant. Imagine what level you could perform at if you had a team pushing you to delegate more and more and more.

Athena is not for everybody. If you are looking for help short-term, think an AI assistant can offer you what you need, aren't willing to put the hard work in to increase your productivity, or don’t think our pricing is a completely obvious investment, we recommend looking elsewhere.

If you’re excited to learn how to delegate 10x more, gain leverage in all areas of your life and build a relationship with an EA that grows more valuable over the course of a decade, we would be thrilled to partner with you.

High fives,







60 hours/month
(part-time EA)

Extra hours: $15/hr

EA training: Included

Delegation training: Included



160 hours/month
(full-time, dedicated EA)

Extra hours: $15/hr

EA training: Included

Delegation training: Included



24/7 availability (multiple EAs working round-the-clock)

Extra hours: Unlimited; 3 full-time EAs

EA training: Included

Delegation training: Included

In-Person EA


(For comparison only)

Available normal US hours and you pay even when your EA isn't busy

Extra hours: NA

EA training: NA

Delegation training: NA


The Fine Print

Dedicated EA: On all plans, the Executive Assistant we recruit and train for you will do virtual work exclusively with you. We believe the only way to build a powerful, long-term EA partnership is to have an EA who thinks about you alone. So while we offer a starter plan our goal is for all clients to increase how much they leverage their EA more and more over time.

Choosing Your Plan: Not sure which plan is best for you? No problem. You can change your plan at any time, and we'll proactively suggest a different plan if you can be saving money.

Working Hours: We'll find an EA who works whatever hours are best for you, whether that means working while you sleep or working the same hours as you. There is a modest fee for certain shifts.

Off Platform: You are allowed to take an EA off the platform for a fee of $25k (a portion of this fee goes to reward your EA). If a client attempts to hire or pay an EA outside the platform, there will be a $25k penalty.

Questions? Reach out at hi@athenago.com.