What our EAs can do

Learning to delegate 10x more takes practice and hard work over months and years but these playbooks will supercharge your delegation progress.


Calendar Management

  • Prioritize the most important things by proactively managing your calendar

  • Create bios so you start every meeting uber-prepared

  • Conduct time audits to align your calendar with your high-level goals


Contacts Management

  • Organize and update your contacts so your network will grow more and more powerful


Delegate by voice

  • Delegate meeting debriefs, email drafts, research assignments, and other tasks in the most convenient and fastest way (by audio messages)


Inbox Management

  • Read, sort, respond, manage invitations, billing, and even pre-drafting your emails

  • Spend less time on the minutiae of email and more time on high impact work


Setting Daily Goals

  • Help you set smarter objectives

  • Send a 10-second daily accountability check-in

  • Track your progress

  • Give a weekly report on your progress


Sending Greetings

  • Send greetings, hand-written cards, gifts, well wishes, or check-ins to anyone in your network

  • Send emails/texts to contacts on set schedule or delegate any greeting on an as-needed basis


Travel Management

  • Coordinate transportation, lodging, dining, and activities

We’re excited to give you the tools to delegate more and more.

The EA is not limited to doing these playbooks—he or she can do other ad hoc tasks that will help you save time, become a better person and live a better life.

Sample projects team can do


Sales databases
Building sales targets, customer databases (with emails, phone numbers), etc.

Press databases
Building a list of publications, their journalists, links to recent stories, email addresses, etc.

Recruiting databases
Searching in LinkedIn for candidates who meet X, Y, Z attributes, and put names + connections + emails into a database; finding email addresses for all designers who work at X, Y, Z companies; logging in to X, Y, Z alumni databases and pulling emails for every graduate from year A to B and sending outreach emails from one account to everyone asking for eng referrals

Competitor research
Completing competitive intel checklist of X no. of items for each competitor and logging results in spreadsheet to allow easy comparison

Points of contact at companies
Instead of just contacting main decision maker (e.g. GC or CFO) you could expand to include broader set of leaders across the company and also the board of directors. With this expanded list of targets you could also check to see if you/your co-founders/your leadership team has any LinkedIn connections with people at these companies. (We'd need you to change/share your LinkedIn account with us during the project.) Then we could generate not just list of targets but also who at your company has 1st or 2nd degree connections with various people at the target company. This will give you the smoothest potential access paths inside the company.

Email outreach
Sending emails from your account to a massive list of people to potentially contact, and then all follow-up conversations get forwarded to whoever is point

Twitter inception
Finding the Twitter handles for Top X people inside every company and have someone respond to one of their recent (and relevant, ideally) tweets to ask them if they've heard about your company, what they think about X, Y, Z, etc.